Were truly flattered
by so much attention!

Over the past 25 years, we’re earned our share of industry recognition. Although awards are not a goal we strive for, it’s always nice when our peers recognize our work. And since the awards we’ve received are based on results, it means a lot to our clients.

64 and counting!

Golden Arrow Awards

Hosted by the Quebec Relationship Marketing Association. We’ve won more times than we can count, including Campaign of the year at least four times in recent years.



The CMA is Canada’s largest Marketing Association and each year recognizes the best in Canadian marketing campaigns. We’ve won Golf several times amongst very tough competition.


Echo Awards

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) each year judges the top direct marketing campaigns from around the world. We’ve had the privilege to achieve this recognition.


Nammu Awards

Nammu is the voice of Canada’s mailing industry and each year recognizes the Best in Mail. Our campaigns have won Gold and Best of the Best many times over the past decade. Direct mail is far from dead.


Campaign of the year

Achieving to honors is always a thrill – and a tribute to forward thinking clients that allow us to do our best work. We’ve achieved this honor many times over the past ten years. And it never gets old!


Marketer of the year

Back in 1992, agency owner Mark Morin was chosen Direct Marketer of the Year by the Direct Marketing Society of Quebec: It is truly an honor to be chosen amongst the marketing elite in Quebec.


Educator of the Year

Agency owner Mark Morin has been strongly involved in educating the next generation of marketers since 1987. In recognition of his leadership and dedication, he received the Educator of the Year Award from the AMR in 2005.

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