Talk to Me!

Get Personal, Get Relevant, Get More Customers!

Mark Morin et Daniel Lafrenière


In today’s cluttered marketplace, consumers are faced with too many choices. They are bombarded with too much information. And retailers provide them with too little advice. Because of this, consumers find it increasingly hard to make informed decisions. And as a result, building loyalty and finding new customers is an impossible challenge.

Today, to be relevant, you can’t go on treating all customers the same way. You need to focus on them, on their needs, on who they are and why they need or would want your products. It’s not longer about you and your brand. It’s about “me”, the customer.

In this book, you’ll learn how to get to know your customers as individuals, create products and content that are relevant to them, help them use your products effectively to achieve their goals, and increase satisfaction, loyalty and customer lifetime value.

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