15 ways to improve your email marketing

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Are your email campaigns suffering from anemic results, like low open and click rates, poor conversion and high unsubscribes? During this 9-week online program, Mark Morin – The Practical Marketer – will share his insights into how you can quickly improve your campaign impact and ROI.

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15 ways to improve your email marketing

With over 144 billions emails delivered worldwide, each and every day, getting your customer’s attention is harder than every. Yet email, for all its quirks and challenges, remains the workhorse media of modern marketing with the highest ROI of any channel.

From deliverability to content to marketing automation, this full-day workshop focuses on practical ways to increase your deliverability, get your message opened, read and clicked, and increase your sales and customer loyalty.

Using real-life examples, action-focused content and hands-on exercises, Mark will guide your team step by step through the process of creating the ideal email message. This highly interactive workshop will have a profound impact on your campaign engagement, your conversion and your sales.

Attendees will learn the key areas where even small improvements will lead to big gains in engagement and conversion. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to assess current email practices, identify areas of improvement and create an action plan to achieve improved results.

The challenges of email marketing in today’s cluttered media landscape.
Why email marketing is the most powerful relationship-building tool

Key topics:

  1. Share an experience – don’t push product
  2. Get your message in your customers’ inbox – four ways to increase deliverability
  3. Increase your open rates with the perfect subject line
  4. Leverage the preview pane to extend the subject line and get more opens
  5. Use visual storytelling to create emotional engagement (even if your product is “boring”).
  6. Keep it short, but make them ask for more – email copywriting tips for greater click-through rates and conversion
  7. Use powerful imagery to create an emotional connection with the reader
  8. Make your call to action work harder and reap the rewards
  9. Discover the optimal email frequency and how to build the ideal sequence of messages.
  10. Get relevant, before, during and after the sale
  11. Use the right format for the task at hand
  12. Personalize your content to increase relevance
  13. Plan your design to be mobile-friendly
  14. Test, test, test – always be testing
  15. Reduce your unsubscribes with a preference centre

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