15 ways to improve your B2B marketing

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15 ways to improve your B2B marketing

By all estimates, the age of cold-calling is dead. No longer can sales simply dial for dollars hoping that one in a hundred sales suspects convers to a lead. Sales time is just too valuable to squander on low-value, unproductive outbound activity. They should be focused on converting leads to opportunities and opportunities to sales.

At the same time, the digital transformation of business is profoundly changing the way goods and services are purchased. According to HBR, 60% of the buying cycle happens without the influence of Sales. Most of the information gathering, research and comparison happens on the Web and escapes traditional influence by Sales reps. You only get called into the process if you’re shortlisted. And by then, it’s usually too late. So what can you do?

Using real-life examples, action-focused content and hands-on exercises, Mark will guide your team step by step through the process of creating an effective B2B demand generation program. This highly interactive workshop will have a profound impact on your campaign engagement, your conversion and your sales.

Attendees will learn the key areas where a structured business development and demand generation program, leveraging a combination of inbound and outbound marketing can have a profound difference on your sales and profitability. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to assess their current demand gen program, and create an action plan to achieve better sales and marketing alignment and greater sales effectiveness.


The challenges of B2B marketing in today’s digital marketplace and the importance of aligning sales and marketing.

Key topics:

  1. Start with a formal process from MQL to SAL
  2. Focus on lead quality
  3. Manage lead flow and volume carefully
  4. Think relationships, not transactions
  5. Map out your customers’ buyer journey
  6. Use the right media to build a strong synergy
  7. Pre-qualify – define and agree on the criteria
  8. Nurture the relationship until your customers are ready to buy
  9. Automate the process to increase sales effectiveness
  10. Analyse and understand your customers’ digital behaviour
  11. Create a lead score model that tells you when they’re truly ready to buy.
  12. Get to know your site visitors as early as possible in the process
  13. Create engaging content that will advance the sales
  14. Follow-up early, but don’t oversell
  15. Track, measure and optimize the process

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